Menstrual Problems

Period problems can cause disruption in everyday life. As well as causing difficulty in everyday life, they can also cause problems with conceiving. Problems such as period irregularity, heavy or painful periods, absence of periods, polycystic ovaries and other abnormal bleeding can be investigated and we can work together to find a suitable solution depending on your circumstances.



These are incredibly common benign lumps on the uterus. They can cause an array of problems, with heavy periods or pressure symptoms. There are a number of interventions that we can discuss, and provide a tailor made treatment plan depending on your history, symptoms, size and location of fibroids.



Easy access to contraception and family planning is a fundamental right of all women. Unwanted pregnancy has a huge financial, psychological and medical impact on women, and it is essential to provide women with advice and methods that suit their social, medical and cultural beliefs.

There is an array of different preparations and methods available that we can discuss and provide. Coils can be inserted under local or general anaesthetic.

Implants however should be inserted by trained professionals and we can find a suitable clinic for implant removal or insertion.


Pelvic Pain

This problem can be debilitating, and can interfere with relationships and everyday life. Pain may be due to infection, endometriosis, ovarian cysts or fibroids. Ovarian cysts are very common in women before the menopause but should not present after the menopause. Early diagnosis and intervention can ensure that the cysts are harmless and can be dealt with easily.

With the help of sophisticated diagnostic tests, we can try and focus treatment on the problem and the symptoms, either by using medication or possible surgical keyhole intervention.


Hormonal problems

Women of all ages can be affected to various degrees by hormonal fluctuations. These can be related to the menstrual cycle such as PMS/PMDD, or due to menopausal change. These problems can have a major impact on work, family life and relationships.

Women are living longer and menopause symptoms can affect around half of our lives. There are various medical and lifestyle measures that can help and we can have a discussion and treatment plan to suit your individual needs.


Early pregnancy complications

Pregnancy in it’s early stages can present a variety of problems, which can be a cause of major anxiety and can lead to complications. Please come and see me if there are any concerns or if you notice any unusual symptoms. (privately only up to 12 weeks). If you have sadly suffered from miscarriage, then we can discuss a range of options for further management. Rarely women can suffer from recurrent miscarriage and we can start a series of investigations to see why this may have happened.


Teenage gynaecological problems

Teenagers can have a range of gynaecological problems that can cause anxiety and disruption of schoolwork or social lives. They can often be frightened of gynaecological consultations or examination. I am very aware of the impact of this and we can sensitively explore the roots of the problems and offer treatment without too much intervention or distress.


Vulval Irritation and skin conditions

Soreness and irritation is very common and may have many underlying causes. However, in my experience, this commonly gets treated as ‘thrush’ without accurate assessment. There are many other causes and by careful history and examination, we can find a solution. At times, referral to a vulval clinic may be needed if common treatments are ineffective.


Cervical screening including HPV

Examination of the cervix, cautery of minor problems, smear taking and treating infections can be done in one visit. In case of a smear abnormality, a prompt referral for colposcopic assessment.


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

This is a complex problem, manifesting itself in many ways. There is not one blanket treatment. With careful and in depth assessment, we can try and find the option that suits individuals depending on their needs and their symptoms.

Surgical Procedures

I tend to operate only when absolutely necessary and all other interventions have not been effective. Sometimes, surgery is the only way to treat some of the more troublesome conditions. I tend to perform minimally invasive procedures as a first choice.

The correct surgery would only be decided after extensive counselling and discussion with you and chosen members of your family or friends, who are welcome to join the discussions as these can often be complex and difficult decisions. All the risks and benefits will be discussed in detail and you may be even asked to discuss your consent form in preparation for surgery.

Some of the more common procedures are:

  • Hysteroscopy with or without resection of fibroids
  • Hysterectomy, both through keyhole and open procedure
  • Laparoscopy for treatment of endometriosis, ovarian cysts and other pelvic conditions.
  • Prolapse surgery in selected cases depending on nature and symptoms.
  • Minor operations for removal of lesions and cyst on the external genitalia